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Energy Year Around

Energi medicin året runt / energy medicine year around - Having access to our online clinic sessions twice a month + education in energy medicine that will help you tap and activate knowledge and wisdom of your body-mind-consciousness-society, remove pain, fear, hurt, sacrifice, co-dependence, self-doubt, childhood wounds, past-life karma, imprints and much more that may stop you from moving forward on your journey towards true love, personal power & abundance.

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Energi Året Runt

One to One Samtal med undersökning av dina energier och dina utmaningar när du registrerar 

tillgång till oss två gånger i månaden via samtal där du kan ställa frågor

få healing 

få vägledning och klarhet 

känna dig starkare i communityn av likasinnade

lär dig energi medicin och omfamna din självläkningsförmåga

utveckla ditt självledarskap av dina energier så du kan manifestera din hälsa, fina relationer och dina drömmar

tillgång till oss samt utbildningen året runt

e-bok om hur du kan bemästra dig själv

Energy Year Around

Energy year around is a package offering you 2 monthly calls LIVE with us as well as education in energy medicine through videos, exercises, ebook and support from a growing community of healthy souls that are attuned with their purposes, getting clarity, growing together, developing self-leadership and learning to manage one's own manage with knowledge from body-mind-soul-society.


You are part of EnergiMed.se, a Swedish clinic of Energy Medicine Online as well as LeadershipHub.se, a Leadership center for development of leaders of self, as well as PsychicArt.eu, a shop with self-development art and products. 

You will get free bonus during the year to support your journey of growth, balance, abundance, healing and true love - besides your priceless education you will get from us that will take you to accelerate your growth and delete the challenges that you may have in your life. 

You become your own expert and doctor

We are not disregarding the competence and help you can have from other professionals or advising you to ignore other people's counselling. But we are supporting your own growth here from within so you can be stronger, tap into your intuition, connect with your higher guidance, attune to your compass, remove any blocks you can have within yourself, feel balanced and aligned with your own truth and personal power and open yourself up to be independent, interdependent, strong, trust in yourself, tap into the well of wisdom within as well as your unique gifts.

You are basically paying for the material

#Read | #Watch | #Learn | #Improve

We are giving you our time & expertise the whole year to help you on this process. That is equivalent to 49usd/time we meet, which is nearly nothing compared to several expenses you may have with therapists and other professionals whom you may pay extremely high fees and get no results. We are result-oriented and believe that you are capable of creating your own results - so we facilitate your process at a much quicker pace. 
Advance your career

Past student & clients referrals

Helping you become an active energy leader based on your unique blueprint - and not what you have learned from teachers, experts, societies, education, misconceptions and misunderstandings. 
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Gabi Gal

Teacher & Coach



Patients & Clients
Gabi Gal is an author of +44 books on personal development, teacher, leader and +20 years experience as an intuitive coach, shares her knowledge and intuition in this work to help you move further on your journey, heal, find balance, connect with your intuition, be a master of your own life.

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need for this program?

This is a yearly program you will have access the whole year and be able to study the material at your own pace. You will also have access to the calls with the dates updated continuously on the course platform. We'd recommend to check a couple of hours per week at least in the beginning and throughout the year at different moments you feel you need to grow. But certainly not less than some hours per month. There is no requirement to take part in this program, but if you want to grow quicker and more, you can dedicate yourself to it more. Our calls are not mandatory. But you can benefit from them by being able to submit your questions. If you are not present, you can still listen to them afterwards in our course platform. 

Can I get a refund?

Yes, You can get a refund if you change your mind and message us at hej@energimed.se no latest than 12h after your registration, minus transfer fees. You accept to let go of your rights of 14-day-cancelling possibility for distance purchases in Europe. This is because we may give you access to our material before that and we plan with your participation to our calls, material etc. We want you to be satisfied with the education and to have chosen something that will add to your knowledge toolbox not only in your professional life, but also as a human being, soul as well as pushing you forward in life, in different areas. So we hope you have thought well before you apply to the program.  

How often and how we do we talk?

Everything is online and you only need an internet connection, a computer, perhaps earplugs and willingness to read, listen, exercise and practice together and by yourself. Our LIVE calls are scheduled to aim at weekly meetings of ca 60min oftentimes (can be more or less) around 4pm Swedish time on Zoom, usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays but can reach longer or less depending on the questions and people taking part. The dates will be available in the platform as well as how you connect with us where you are. We record the calls and make it available on the platform if you can't show up.

If I have more questions

Am I the right person to join this program?

This program is open for everyone who wants to understand about their own energies and get support yearly around to learn, find balance, get counselling, get help from our online clinic and be part of our community of future leaders who are aware of our own energies and can imprint positive impact in the world. You don't need to have any pre-knowledge or education in the field but be open-minded. If you want to continue the membership/program to a certification program in energy medicine, there will be more information in the course platform along your journey. 

What if I am not sure if I want to join the program? Is this really for me?

Sometimes we may think too much and not take opportunities when they come. Sometimes we doubt our intuition. Either way, you will learn to trust your intuition more by taking this program. But you will also learn to see and understand opportunities. You will delete your fears, hurt, pain. Despite of all that, if you are still unsure and want to talk to us, you can book a time with us to make your decision.

Am I doing this alone?

We are a community that helps you along your growth, self-leadership and healing journey.
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